Third-Party Management

The Owner Experience & Choices

Many independent and institutional owners know the value of partnering with a professional management company to operate their self storage investments.  When the partnership is successful, owners can benefit by way of:

1. Increased revenue & NOI

2. Lower expenses by plugging into a platform with economies of scale

3. More personal time as the investment becomes more passive than hands-on. 

However, finding the right management partner can be a challenge and sometimes even costly.  To compound these challenges, owners are usually faced with only two types of management companies that reside on two completely different ends of the spectrum: local management companies or large publicly traded REITs.

On one side of the spectrum are smaller management companies that may have “management” experience but they tend to lack real-world ownership experience and institutional depth critical to successfully operate self storage facilites.  On the opposite side of the spectrum are the large REIT’s that tend to manage based on the macro picture that is highly influenced by algorithms and Wall Street’s quarterly expectations.  This approach can work well for stock holders but not necessarily for individual owners who are more concerned with the nuances and cash flow of their own properties.

We find that most owners are seeking a mid-market solution that can deliver a balance of the REIT’s scale and sophistication with the perspective and experience of an independent mid-sized owner.  US Storage Centers delivers this balance for its clients.